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The Kepler mission is finding hundreds and maybe thousands of worlds, many of which are similiar to our own. Many of these new planets live in the “habitable zone”, a region of space within a solar system where life similar to life on earth can thrive. Scientists are even researching the possibility that life can exist outside the habitable zone on moons or other conditions that could allow life to flourish. Take a look at some of the videos available in the “Exo-Planet” category.  We are not alone!

– Joe Morrow 06/24/2011


Milky Way Chart Milky Way Chart 

Milky Way Chart You are here: Learn more about our spiral home in the universe with this attractively illustrated Milky Way chart (20 by 31 inches).

Hubble Space Telescope 1/48 Replica Hubble Space Telescope 1/48 Replica 

The Hubble Space Telescope is a telescope in orbit around the Earth, named after astronomer Edwin Hubble. Its position outside the Earth’s atmosphere provides significant advantages over ground-based telescopes ? images are not blurred by the atmosphere, there is no background from light scattered by the air, and the Hubble can observe ultra-violet light that is normally absorbed by the ozone layer in observations made from Earth. Since its launch in 1990, it has become one of the most important instruments in the history of astronomy. With it, astronomers have made many observations leading to breakthroughs in astrophysics. Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field is the most sensitive astronomical optical image ever taken. Features: Scale – 1/48 Length – 12.875″ Please allow 3 to 6 months from the time of order to delivery, as these models are custom made upon ordering. An additional shipping charge of actual shipping cost to your delivery location will apply on this item. Please contact us for actual shipping cost. No discounts will apply to this model and all sales are final.

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Costumes 163882 Star Wars Clone Wars Party Favor Box

Each blue with lightning box includes a Star Wars Clone Wars sticker sheet Star Wars Clone Wars yoyo Star Wars Clone Wars disclauncher Star Wars Clone Wars mask glow stick and 4 Zotz candies. Please Note: One or more of the party favors included

Hallmark 207582 Star Wars The Clone Wars Opposing Forces Party Favor Box

Each box includes: an empty favor box a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Opposing Forces Sticker Sheet a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Opposing Forces YoYo a glow stick a noise putty and a glitter bounce ball. These items are officially licensed Star W. Dimensions: (inches) Length: 10. Width: 8. Height: 6

Costumes 157888 Star Wars Feel the Force Party Favor Kit

The Star Wars: Feel the Force Party Favor Kit for 1 guest includes: (1) Star Wars: Feel the Force Empty Favor Box (1) Star Wars: Feel the Force Sticker Sheet (1) Star Wars: Feel the Force Disc Launcher (1) Assorted Color Glow Stick (4) Pieces of Zo

Rasta Imposta 6076RISTD Mens Crotch Rocket Costume Size Standard

Do you have a reputation for packing some rocket power in your pants? If so let this costume speak volumes for you. The Men s Crotch Rocket Costume features codpiece that you wear over your underwear. It is an orange and yellow stuffed rocket. Put the codpiece on and let it stick out of your unzipped jeans. The ladies will feel your gravitational pull and want to orbit your rocket. The Men s Crotch Rocket costume is an Rrated humorous costume that is meant for mature audiences only. Pants and shirt not included. Includes codpiece. Size: Standard (One size fits most adults) Includes codpiece. Shirt and jeans not included.

Rasta Imposta 6212RISTD Womens Mona Lisa Painting Costume Size Standard

You don t have to go all the way to the Louvre in Paris to see The Mona Lisa; you can be the Mona Lisa This famous work by Leonardo da Vinci has been studied for centuries because of the slight smirk on Mona Lisa s face. If she simply sitting pleasantly or does her slight smile denote a secret she s keeping? We ll never know. But when you become Mona Lisa you can wear any expression you like. The Women s Mona Lisa Painting Costume features a replica of the painting with a hole for you to put your head through. Your face and hair becomes the new Mona Lisa. The costume gets its structure from tubes and connectors that fit in the frame. It takes only a couple of minutes to assemble. This is a standard size costume that fits up to a size 12. Includes frame connectors and tubes. Size: Standard (One size fits most sizes 610) Includes frame connectors and tubes.

Rasta Imposta 32412 Radio City Rockettes Adult Costume Size OneSize

Includes: Dress shorts headband and gloves. Stockings and shoes not included. Available in OneSize fits most adults. This is an officially licensed Radio City Rockettes costume.Material: 100 Pct Polyester. Dimensions (LxWxH):18 x 14 x 3Standard size for Women: Dress size 812 for Men: Chest size 46 6 ft. tall or 200 lbs

Costumes 163882 Star Wars Clone Wars Party Favor Box

Each blue with lightning box includes a Star Wars Clone Wars sticker sheet Star Wars Clone Wars yoyo Star Wars Clone Wars disclauncher Star Wars Clone Wars mask glow stick and 4 Zotz candies. Please Note: One or more of the party favors included


Experience the greatest collection of Star Wars PC titles past and present ever assembled in one box.The greatest collection of Star WarsPC games all in one box and priced for the holidays including Star Wars: Empire at WarStar Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicStar Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Jedi KnightII: Jedi OutcastStar Wars Republic Commandoand the Star Wars Galaxies: 14Day Trial. Play Star Wars on your PC any way you want through numerous varieties and hundreds of hours of the best Star Wars PC game play.Features Star Wars: Empire at War Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Star Wars Republic Commando Star Wars Galaxies: 14Day TrialFormat: WIN Genre:nbsp;ENTERTAINMENT / SOFTWARE UPC:nbsp;023272810184 Manufacturer No:nbsp;81018

Hourglass Nebula Poster

The Hourglass Nebula was created as a dying star collapsed and ejected much of its matter into space. And we have the Hubble Space Telescope to thank for this awesome image! This young planetary nebula is located about 8000 light years away. Poster measures 16"" x 20"".

Quotable Star Trek (Original Edition)

A comprehensive guide to the entire Star Trek universe33 years of wit, wisdom, and memorable moments. Author: Sherwin, Jill Series Title: Star Trek Binding Type: Paperback Number of Pages: 388 Publication Date: 1999/03/01 Language: English Dimensions: 8.62 x 5.41 x 0.83 inches

Glass Eye Studios Celestial Series NEPTUNE

Glass Eye Studios Celestial Series NEPTUNE Neptune is a pale blue planet thatlies beyond the reach of ordinary telescopes,nearly 3 billion miles from the sun. 3"" diameter.Each of the planet's appearance is an interpretation by the Glass Eye Studio design team.Each paperweight sparkles with details of Dichroic glass through a faceted clear crystal window. There is a flat bottom on the 3"" diameter glass piece, allowing for it todisplay without the need of a stand.

DecalGirl AK4-PISCES DecalGirl Kindle 4 Skin - Pisces

Since 2003, DecalGirl has been manufacturing full-color, removable vinyl skins for laptops, cell phones, game consoles, iPods and other devices. DecalGirl was the first on the skin scene! With thousands of designs to choose from on hundreds of devices, we have a skin for you! All skins are manufactured right in our Milton, Delaware facility.
Kindle 4 Skin - Pisces


Galaxy. Galaxy morphological classification, Elliptical galaxy, Spiral galaxy, Barred spiral galaxy, Dwarf galaxy, Interacting galaxy, Starburst galaxy, Active galactic nucleus, Galaxy formation and evolution, Largescale structure of the cosmos, Galaxy groups and clusters, Observational astronomy Author: Miller, Frederic P./ Vandome, Agnes F./ McBrewster, John Binding Type: Paperback Number of Pages: 78 Publication Date: 2009/10/28 Language: English Dimensions: 5.98 x 9.01 x 0.18 inches

The Star Wars Trilogy By Lucas, George

Luke Skywalker moves from farm mechanic to Jedi warrior in a collection of all three volumes of the Star Wars trilogy that features Luke, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, ObiWan Kenobi, and others. Reprint. Author: Lucas, George Subtitle: Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi Publication Date: 1997/02/01 Binding Type: Paperback Language: English Depth: 1.00 Width: 4.25 Height: 7.00

Atmosphere of Venus

In 1761, Russian polymath Mikhail Lomonosov discovered that Venus has an atmosphere.Its atmosphere is much denser and hotter than that of Earth. The temperature and pressure at the surface are 740 K (467C, 872F) and 93 bar, respectively.The Venusian atmosphere supports opaque clouds made of sulfuric acid, making optical observation of the surface impossible. Information about the topography of Venus has been obtained exclusively by radar imaging. 1] The main atmospheric gases on Venus are carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Other chemical compounds are present only in trace amounts. Author: Miller, Frederic P./ Vandome, Agnes F./ McBrewster, John Binding Type: Paperback Number of Pages: 174 Publication Date: 2010/04/21 Language: English Dimensions: 5.98 x 9.01 x 0.40 inches

Don't Get Pluto-ed - Bumper Sticker

click image for larger view DON'T GET PLUTO-ED! We at The Space Store believe that Pluto deserved a better fate, than to be known as Celestial Body Number 134340! Show your support!

Eros Hosiery Company G2139 Womens Pattern Plush Slipper Assortment - Case of 360


These women's plush slippers come in an assortment of colors/prints and sizes. The colors are tan/leopard print aqua/polka dot and pink/striped.

  • Case of 360

BBCW GG008230 Star Wars Mini Bust Darth Vader McQuarrie Concept SDCC 2010

This Darth Vader Minibust was a 2010 San Diego Comic Con exclusive. This new original concept art Darth Vader was based on the drawings of Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston. McQuarrie is often credited with developing the look and feel of the Star Wars trilogy. McQuarrie and Johnston worked side by side to develop this version of the evil overlord. Though it is uniquely different than the final film version; the piece still holds true to the final feel of Vader s timeless helmet and black armor. The piece features 3 different interchangeable heads and is a highly collectible limited edition. Sold as eaches. Packed 4 per sealed case.

The Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony By Moe, Barbara A.

Traces the history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony back to the reformation, and discusses the background, development, and impact of the 1629 Charter. Author: Moe, Barbara A. Series Title: Great American Political Documents Subtitle: A Primary Source Investigation of the 1629 Charter Publication Date: 2002/12/01 Number of Pages: 112 Binding Type: Library Grade Level: 46 Language: English Depth: 0.50 Width: 5.75 Height: 9.00

Andromeda Galaxy Poster

Andromeda Galaxy Poster The Andromeda Galaxy Poster is 22x29 inches. A dynamic color classic of the great galaxy in Andromeda, the nearest large spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way. Size: 22"" x 29

Science Wiz SCW7812 Physics Blast Off With Newtons Laws Of Motion

Ages 8+40 page science book with materialsMajor AwardsDr. Toy s Best Toys Award Dr. Toy s Best Vacation Toy Award Creative Child Magazine Award Blast off with Newton s laws of motion and prepare to excel in PHYSICS Develop a fundamental understanding of inertia the laws of motion centripetal force mass weight velocity and acceleration. Concepts are covered with time tested experiments and highly visual illustrations. This kit includes a balance scale for measuring mass a stopwatch accurate to 1/100 of a second to clock speed and a jet car that really zooms.24 ActivitiesLaunch bottle rockets Perform tricks with inertia Stay in motion with a floating hover puck Zoom a jet car Build your own spring meter Spin water upside down Assemble and use a balance scale Clock a race and accelerate accelerate Measure mass Requires household items

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